Ghana gospel trending

Ghanaian gospel gaining global attention

Budding Ghanaian UK based gospel musician Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah known by her stage name as Minister Yvonne says Ghana’s gospel music has been flourishing around the World in recent times considering its unique motivational lyrics. According to the Gospel Artiste of the Year at the 2021 Ghana Music Awards UK, the growth of Ghanaian gospel music especially in the UK is on the fast rise considering its lyrical content which contains one of the best motivational messages which enhances one’s spiritual growth.

“One distinctive aspect of Ghanaian gospel is its uniqueness with regard to its lyrical content. We have one of the best motivational lyrics in our songs which enhance one’s spiritual growth. “Ghana’s gospel music is really growing. I have performed around the UK for a while now and the audiences appreciate our style of doing gospel despite the difference in cultures,” she said in an interview.

Talking about the newly released video of her single titled “Unchangeable God”, the Gospel Diva said the imagery of the video represents the diverse ways to exalts God. “I want to empower gospel music lovers through the video the reason for these striking images with well rehearsed choreography. The aim was to get viewers to feel the presence of God as well as enhancing their spiritual well being,” she said. In May 2021, the UK-based singer cum army officer with the British Armed Forces, released her single “Shidaa” a Ga word for thanksgiving. The song featured the award-winning Gospel singer, MOG. She has numerous hit singles to her credit including “Conqueror”, “Besuka”, among others which made waves in Ghana and beyond. 

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